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Referral Partner PLUS

Double your commission & provide all-round financial products


Including Personal Loans,

Watch Finance and Corp Financing.

loan product

Wealth Management

Including Saving/ Investment,

Premium Financing, and Public Funds.

Fixed Assets
(Professional Investors only)

Including mid to large-size residential and commercial global properties.


Private Equity
(Professional Investors only)

Including Private Funds, pre-IPO and Fixed Income LPF/SPV.

Crypto Products
(Professional Investors only)

Including Staking Products, Pre-Launched Tokens

and Structured Products.

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WHY should you choose our Referral Partner PLUS

With our superior customer service and innovative tools

Competitive Commissions

Your best opportunities to earn the most attractive commission in the market, please feel free to contact us via email: to know about the details.

Financial Services

We source the best deals and offer comprehensive financial services to fulfill your client's needs, e.g., Financing services, Investment opportunities, and remittance. 

For example...

 e.g., Insurance AXX, a 5-year savings insurance plan.


Originally, agents were offered a 27%- 30% commission.

Let's say $100,000 annual savings amount. You're not just earning the usual $30,000 fee from the first year; we shall offer it as 58-60% in total, with an overall commission of ~$ $60,000.

You shall also offer our loan and investment options for your clients and enjoy additional referral bonuses.


Elevate your commissions and your client's future, effortlessly.

Application Flow

2. An internal review  

within 3 business days

1. Fill the form below

3. Schedule a

online video call

4. Review our products and

commission rates

5. Once all details are confirmed,

we will arrange to sign the agreement

Double the commission and get 100% more returns!

Referee Requirements

*Insurance Agents must attain a minimum MDRT qualification and have at least 12 months of related working experience.

**Applicants who engage in Private Equity and Financial Institutions must have at least 12 months of related working experience.

Application Form

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