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Arkady Gavrilov : The Best Fintech Startup to work in Hong Kong !

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Hi everyone!

My name is Arkady Gavrilov, and I work as a Taxation Team Lead in a very growing fintech start-up iPYGG. Today, I will talk about my career path at this company, the benefits of working there and my colleagues.

First, let me introduce myself.

Arkady Gavrilov

Who am I?

I am a sophomore-year student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in Global Economics and Finance. Being an international student in one of the best higher educational institutions in Hong Kong and the World stimulated me to broaden my horizons, by participating in various hackathons, volunteering events and having an internship.

In my freshman year, I interned at the Maestro Wireless Solutions as an Inside Sales Executive intern within sales and financial services. I was fully immersed in a sales role, and I worked with the Chief Executive Officer of Maestro Wireless Solutions, producing client meeting reports, developing financial statements during the acquisition deal with LANTRONIX. By having this experience, I realized that I want to work in the front office, interact with clients within the investment field. Therefore, in my sophomore year, I applied to several financial institutions and venture capitals.

Unfortunately, due to the situation with the virus outbreak in Hong Kong, most of my internships got cancelled, some of them even one week before the starting date in late June. As a person who tries never to give up and to have an optimistic mindset, I decided to attend Rookie Fund Forum at the beginning of July, hoping to do some networking there and potentially get an internship for the summer. That’s when I met Allen PakChing Lau, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of iPYGG.

Why I applied at iPYGG?

After having a short conversation with Mr PakChing Lau, I started to be interested in the product he and his colleagues had been developing. “iPYGG is your assistant that consolidates your accounts and takes care all of your financial needs” — that is when I realized that potentially this start-up could be a unicorn. I followed up Mr PakChing Lau next day, and he arranged an interview. So, I started to prepare for this interview for hours, perfecting my speech, preparing some of my work to present, etc.

On the day of the interview, we met with Allen, and I got surprised. He started to sell me his start-up, telling about the product they are developing, their passion about it, asking only 2–3 professional questions about my background. Allen asked, if I am interested in creating the Tax part of the IPYGG application, I can get this position. First two weeks of my career path at this start-up were the part of the probation period, and after completing them, I got the contract till August. And that’s how it all started.

Why I chose to stay at iPYGG & why iPYGG is an amazing place to work

There are several reasons why IPYGG is an excellent chance for you to learn, to enhance your skills, to add value to the team. First of all, it is an incredible team iPYGG consists of. They are young, talented and intelligent, always there to guide you and teach you something.

We are a team of 7–8 people, who are connected with one goal — to launch this product to make the life of people much convenient. Our skill sets complete one another, and our creativity makes it easier to develop one of the best products in the market nowadays. Overall, our team is even crazy ( in a right way), cause only such people can come to an office at 6 am to work together and watch NBA games together and then do not leave until 7 or 8 pm till the job is not done. That is the key, I guess, because we like what we are doing.

For instance, meet Anson Sham , he is Chief Marketing Officer at iPYGG. I have never seen such a self-driven person who never stops on achieved. He is a Co-Founder of several successful start-ups like InsurTech WingBoo and Anson keeps working on his projects and is helping young students by performing in the FinTech Association Forums as a member of a committee. First words he told me: “Work hard, play hard”. And that’s what I keep on doing by working in iPYGG.

iPYGG Boarding Team Members


Let’s talk about iPYGG goals. Its main aim is to be your assistant that consolidates your accounts and takes care of all of your financial needs. Most of the Millionaires and Billionaires got Private bank or wealth manager helping them to grow and manage their wealth. Our team wants iPYGG to be an instrument which will make your life much more comfortable and will become your friend.

Here, at iPYGG we are not only solving equations, like 2 + 2, but we are also trying to understand why is it 2, why should we add them. We are creating these equations the same way as we are building our product, which is not similar to any idea in the market.



Overall, iPYGG has a unique culture, which helps me to broaden my horizons by learning something new mostly every day. I am grateful for such an opportunity, and I have never regretted becoming part of this incredible start-up, which, from my perspective, will be a new unicorn. As iPYGG will soon launch its product, I would highly recommend you to have a look at it, as it was genuinely developed by our hard-working team to make people’s life more comfortable.

Thank you very much,


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